We are delighted to announce our Official Selection screenplays for our very first festival, Winter 2019!

Congratulations to all those selected. Winners and runners-up to be announced on 30th December.

A Bed For the BoySimon Sylvester
A Dangerous GameBristol Mac Donald
AbandonCarmen Mosley
After HebdenDavid Kirkham
All Alone, Not By MyselfMatthew Ford
Art of RevengeStephen Quinn
Behind the MaskStephen Ford
Dolly DaydreamNatasha Langridge-Thorpe
Don’t Talk to StrangersSimon Wilkinson
Downward SpiralStephen Kayfish
Ember ParadiseDene Stark
He’s WaitingRachel Brewer
Heal & PreyDamien Michael Aulsberry
Honor JanetAnthony Osarfo
I KnowHoward Casner
Is That You?Nathan Ludwig
It Was Probably Just the WindNathan Ludwig
LimpetMark A. C. Brown
Living MemoryStephen Graves
Love, Post-MortemNathan Ludwig
MaaKasia Kaczmarek
MongerDavid Axe
More Than It Ever WasPeter Loadman
Mother, Maiden & CroneSara Caldwell
MouseDaniel Cotter
PedalsNeil Smith
Quiet OnesStephen Schroeder
Seven AcresPaul Miley
Sisters Kill MistersChezdan Mills
Snuff BoxRonald Wright
Sweet PeaNeil McLarty
The CravingStephen Kayfish
The Evening Alan Harrington
The Father of LiesShiva Rodriguez, D. Duckie Rodriguez
The LureStephen Graves
The SacrificeJudson Vaughan
The Six Stains on my Favourite White JumperMichael Walsh
The True Declaration of IndependenceJason Fisher
The VentriloquistMichael Mortimer
Two NoosesWale Atoyegbe
UncoveredRachel Pownall
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