Welcome to the Grim North.



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Until the Evil Dead(line)


Who Are We?

We are a collective of filmmakers, writers, directors, producers and production executives excited to read great unoptioned screenplays from new and experienced writers. Facilitated by Brickworks Media Ltd, a Northern film production company.

What Do We Want?

We want your grimmest screenplays in the horror, thriller, drama and dark comedy genres. We accept short and feature-length completed screenplays in industry format. We want to read something NEW, featuring characters from diverse backgrounds on exciting journeys. And grimness. We want Northern grimness.

When Do We Want It?

Check us out on FilmFreeway for our upcoming deadlines.

The Grim North

What is “Northern Noir”? It’s a feeling – a feeling of cold winter mornings and desolate moors, terrifying serial killers and lots of rain. Just because your screenplay isn’t set in the North of England, it doesn’t mean you’re not right for us. We’re looking for a feeling and a vibe, and we’re looking for great new scripts.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike some festivals, we’re not here to make money. Your entry fees go into a development fund from which we can option screenplays to make into films. That’s right. We want to make films. Find out more over at http://www.brickworksmedia.com. But it’s not just Brickworks Media who’s reading your scripts. We have reps and producers from other companies, too – and we’re all looking for the Next Killer Script. So don’t delay – get that quill out, pour yourself a coffee and polish that screenplay.